Welcome to Investing-Wealth, a new independent investment advisory firm based in Warsaw (Poland) that provides asset management solutions. Your goals are what drives our investment philosophy; stocks or equities, bonds or other fixed-income investments, cash or cash equivalents, ETF,Reits, index funds, commodities, cryptocurrencies. Together, we will determine an appropriate asset allocation, tailored to your needs.
Together, we will select, locate, rebalance or withdraw assets.
Indeed, Investing-Wealth doesn’t ask you to change your bank or broker;
YOU will manage your money directly from your account.

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Mr. Matteo Rossi is the founder and CEO of Investing-Wealth.
Investing-Wealth is the upgraded version of the former Instagram channel “InvestorsTraders” which was born as a financial blog.
Mr. Rossi earned a Master’s Degree in Corporate business law and an Executive MBA in Finance & Technology.
Mr. Rossi holds the role of financial officer, multi-asset strategist, financial adviser and …  investor. After almost seven working years,in consulting business sector, cooperating with corporations and investors, he decided to pursue a more “financial” career. Mr. Matteo is leader in corporate finance and risk management: expert in issuing and structuring equity linked, retail and institutional bonds, in the regulation of financial and banking instruments, in CDS/bond arbitrage, in capital budgeting and methods of its evaluation, in the equity/bond market, fund management and fundamental analysis. Mr. Matteo Rossi is a critical thinker and problem solver; lifelong learner and reader, loves to improve himself on a daily base, and finally, he is ready to support investors in order to build wealth. Biggest passion is the global equity market: deeply prepared in US,Italian,French,German,Spanish,U.K and Swiss equities. he also offers excellent service in Brazilian, Mexican, Polish, Russian emerging markets.
Available Asia equities analysis,over China/Japan/South Korea.
Strong skills in additional asset classes as well.
Mr. Rossi is available for online meetings via call/videocall
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